Rembrandt: Complete Etchings


Rembrandt etched some twenty portraits. As a rule they were intended not for general sale but for use in private circles. Many  of the people portrayed were acquaintances or friends of Rembrandt's. Clement de Jonghe was a print dealer. He owned a  great many of Rembrandt's etching plates, including Simeon's Hymn of Praise and Five Studies of the Head of Saskia. The  apothecary Abraham Francen, the subject of a portrait etched in about 1657, was guardian to Rembrandt's daughter Cornelia.  Rembrandt's earliest portraits are simple in design and technical execution. Later portraits are striking in their complex  composition and elaborate detail. By combining etching with drypoint and burin, Rembrandt sometimes achieved painterly  effects in his portraits-like those of the tax collector Jan Uytenbogaert and that of his friend Jan Six, which are among his most  admired portraits.

self portraits and family members
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