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suggested books

The Great  Rembrandt
(comprehensive and up-to-date Rembrandt book)
Gary Schwartz

Rembrandt: The Painter at Work
(painting technique)
Ernst van de Wetering

The Complete Etchings of Rembrandt: Reproduced in Original Size
Gary Schwartz

How to Paint Your Own Vermeer: Recapturing Materials and Methods of a Seventeenth-Century Master
(painting methods and materials of one of the greatest Dutch artists with insights into 17th c.
studio practices)
Jonathan Janson

Rembrandt's Etchings

A Small Lion Hunt with a Lioness
156 x 124 mm.

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Rembrandt as an Etcher: A Study of the Artist at Work
by Christopher White 1999

Rembrandt's Women 
edited by Julia Williams

Rembrandt: The Painter at Work
(painting technique) by Ernst van de Wetering 2000

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